These “Terms and Conditions” (here in after - the "Agreement") governs the use of educational services of Landau School App (here in after - the "Landau App/App") provided by “Landau Educational Technologies” LLC (hereinafter referred to as "We") and is a legal contract between User and Us. The Agreement determines the procedure for the provision of services, as well as regulates the mutual rights and obligations between We and the consumer of the services, hereinafter referred to as the "User".

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before registration and print off a copy for your records. 

1. Who we are?

1.1. We are the largest school group in the Trans Caucasian region serving over 2 thousand students and employing over 600 professionals. 

1.2. Through this educational platform, we want to share our strengths with the world and work to make our students Secular Citizens, which is our core mission.

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. User - an individual adult who has registered on the App by creating a Profile, as well as who has agreed to the terms of the Agreement. The User acts on the App on behalf of and in the interests of a minor or a child, organizes his/her independent work on the App and receives information about the results of using the services.

2.2. Student – persons (over 18 years old), minors (under 18 years old) and children (under 14 years old) who has access to the App and its services used for personal development and additional education.

2.3. App Services – provision of course materials together with such other services as agreed from time to time and purchased by User through the App.

2.4. Profile - User account, identified by login (email) and password assigned during the registration process on the App. The presence of the Profile provides the User with access to all features of the App and contains personal data about 1) the User and 2) the Student (or Students).

2.5. Fees - amount paid by User to us for the Services.

2.6. Content - all materials of the App (including graphics, illustrations, text, video, sound, program code) necessary for its full functioning.

2.7. Privacy Policy - an agreement on the use of personal data, which is an integral part of the Agreement.

3. Subject of the agreement

3.1. This Agreement specifies the terms and conditions under which We grant the User a non-exclusive right to use the Landau App, as well as other services. The Service is available for User’s personal, noncommercial use. 

3.2. The User is obliged to fully familiarize himself with this Agreement before registering on the App. Registration of the User on the App means full and unconditional acceptance by the User of this Agreement.

3.3. Upon the registration and payment, we provide full access to the services of the App to the User for a paid subscription period in accordance with the tariffs posted on the App.

3.4. The Agreement enters into force from the moment of registration and is valid until the earliest of one of the following dates: 1) the date of deletion of the Profile by the User, or 2) the date of termination of the Agreement.

4. General terms of use

4.1. In order to use the App User complete registration and provide accurate and complete information, including a valid email address. If the User submits an inaccurate e-mail address (not existing, as well as an address in which errors were made), we do not guarantee the successful completion of the Profile creation process.

4.2. We collect, process and store personal data of Users in accordance with the "Privacy Policy", which is an integral part of the Agreement.

4.3. We do not check the data provided in the process of registration for accuracy. User may not transfer account to someone else or use someone else’s account. 

4.4. In the event of technical problems when using the App, User undertakes to inform us about them by contact form provided in the App. We make our best efforts to fix reported problems. 

4.5. In the event of unauthorized access to the Profile using login and password, User must immediately inform Us through the contact form indicated on the App, as well as immediately change the password of the Profile.

4.6. The User agrees to receive messages from Us to the email specified by the User when registering on the App, of the following nature:

4.6.1. letters containing service information (for example, confirmation of registration on the App, password recovery, etc.).

4.6.2. providing the User with information relevant for the effective use of the App and its Services.

4.6.3. Marketing and news messages related to our activities. The user will be able to unsubscribe from marketing / newsletters. 

5. Payment for services

5.1. We grant the User the rights to use the full services of the App, in accordance with this Agreement, on the terms of 100% prepayment of Fee. The Fee for the Services shall be as set out on the App.

5.2. After choosing a subscription plan, the User pays for Our services through the payment gateway system of our partner bank.

5.3. We never request or store bank card / account data and other financial information of the Users on its servers, all such information is processed directly by our partners who have appropriate agreements with it.

5.4. We do not control the hardware and software of providers' payment systems and is not responsible for errors in such systems. The user is solely responsible for the correctness of the payments made by him.

5.5. We have the right to unilaterally change the Fee of subscription without notifying the Users. Such a change does not affect the determination of the Fee for Users who have paid in full at the previous price.

5.6. Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it at least 24 hours prior to expiration of the subscription. Upon expiration, the system will automatically activate the type of subscription you have previously purchased and charge the amount indicated on the App. The service fee charged may not be the same as the service fee you previously paid.

6. Refund 

6.1. Users are not eligible for a refund after accessing the content of purchased subscription. 

6.2. For further questions, please contact our customer service

7. Cancellation of registration

7.1. The User has the right to deactivate his Profile and completely delete information about him/herself. After 30 days, the Profile and personal data will be deleted irrevocably. Deleting a Profile from the App is equivalent to canceling registration and is a voluntary action of the User. Cancellation does not grant User the right for refunds.

8. Intellectual property

8.1. We have all rights to the App, App Services and Content contained on the App, including but not limited to images, video and soundtrack, methodological content, design elements, databases, program code and texts.

8.2. User is not authorized to:

(i) copy, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the Content without prior written permission;

(ii) record on video or audio tape, relay by videophone or other means the Content given;

(iii) use the Content in the provision of any other course or training whether given by Us or any third party;

(iv) remove any copyright or other notice of Us on the Content;

(v) modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer (save to the extent permitted by law) any software forming part of the App.

8.3. Apple and IOS are not responsible for investigating, defending, paying for or managing any claims that you or third parties infringe on intellectual property using our application. 

8.4. If you find that content used in our services violate your intellectual property rights, you may write to us and we may investigate the matter. You are responsible for proving your intellectual property rights at the time of application. 

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1. Our App and App Services are provided "as is" and “as available”. We do not guarantee that the App and its Services meet the goals and requirements of the User. We will make every possible effort but does not guarantee that access to the App will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors. To obtain the best result, the User undertakes to use newest versions of operating systems to work with the App.

9.2. Under no circumstances will We or our representatives be liable to the User or to any third parties for any indirect, accidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data.

9.3. Sections of the App may contain links to other resources on the Internet. The User hereby agrees that We do not bear any responsibility for the availability of these resources and for the information posted on them, as well as for any consequences associated with the use of these resources. Except to the extent that they are expressly set out in these terms and conditions, no conditions, warranties or other terms shall apply to the Services.

9.4. We do not participate directly in the educational process of minors in the process of using the App. We do not guarantee the development of the intellectual abilities of children, the improvement of their grades in educational institutions, the acquisition or development of any skills. We do not guarantee that Student will obtain a particular result, professional qualification or employment opportunity from purchase and completion of the Services.

9.5. User assures and guarantees Us that he/she will control the actions of the Student when using the App and the Services of the App. All actions of the Student will be performed under the direct control of the User, with the unconditional consent and approval of the User.

9.6. Our responsibility is limited to the Fee paid by the User for the purchase of the Services in accordance with the subscription plans set on the App.

10. Final provisions

10.1. In case of disagreement with the Agreement, the User undertakes to immediately stop using the App on all devices.

10.2. We reserve the right to change or amend the Agreement at any time with notice. Such changes take effect 3 (three) calendar days from the date of posting the new version of the Agreement on the App. The user is obliged to independently and timely check the changes in the Agreement. Continued use of the App after the publication of a new version of the Agreement means that the User accepts all changes and agrees with them. If the User disagrees with the changes made, he/she is obliged to refuse access to the App, stop using the materials and services of the App.

10.3. We shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement and cease to provide with Services with immediate effect if User is in breach of these terms and conditions.

10.4. The Agreement can be terminated by Us unilaterally, a) by notifying the Client at least 10 calendar days in advance, or b) immediately, if the User violates its terms and conditions.

10.5. Services provided under this Agreement are personal and cannot be transferred or assigned to any other person. We shall be entitled to assign this Agreement to any other company without prior notice to User.

10.6. We shall not be liable for any breach of its obligations or termination under this Agreement arising from causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorism, strikes, failure to provide a course caused by illness of the trainer, Government decision and regulation or any other unexpected circumstances related to the type of services provided.

10.7. All disputes and disagreements that may arise from or in connection with this Agreement will be resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, all disputes regarding this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

10.8. The recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or unenforceable does not result in the invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.

10.9. Each party shall keep the other party’s confidential information strictly confidential and not use it otherwise than for the purposes of this Agreement and shall return it on demand and not retain copies of it. This clause shall continue notwithstanding termination of these terms and conditions.

10.10. In case of any discrepancies between the Azerbaijani and English versions of these terms of use and Privacy Policy, the Azerbaijani version will prevail. 

11. Communication

11.1. For additional information or should you have questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, please contact us via the following contact forms:

Email: [email protected]

* I have read and accept the UserTerms and Conditions.